Energy Outlook 2017

Renewable energy sources are set to represent almost three quarters of the $10.2 trillion the world will invest in new power generating technology until 2040, thanks to rapidly falling costs for solar and wind power, and a growing role for batteries, including electric vehicle batteries, in balancing supply and demand.


  • Solar and wind dominate the future of electricity:     72% of the $10.2 trillion spent on new power generation worldwide to 2040 will be invested in new wind and solar PV plants.


  • Solar energy's challenge to coal gets broader:   Solar is already at least as cheap as coal in Germany, Australia, the U.S., Spain and Italy. The levelized cost of electricity from solar is set to drop another 66% by 2040. By 2021, it will be cheaper than coal in China, India, Mexico, the U.K. and Brazil as well.


  • Onshore wind costs fall fast, and offshore falls faster:   Onshore wind levelized costs will fall 47% by 2040, thanks to cheaper, more efficient turbines and advanced OPEX regimes. In the same period, offshore wind costs will slide a whopping 71%, helped by experience, competition, and economies of scale.


  • China and India lead in energy investment:  They account for 28% and 11% of all investment in power generation to 2040. Just under a third of Asia Pacific's investment in energy will go to wind, a third to solar, 18% to nuclear and 10% to coal and gas.


  • Batteries and flexibility bolster the reach of renewables:   Utility-scale batteries increasingly compete with natural gas to provide system flexibility at times of peak demand. In conjunction with small-scale batteries, this will help renewable energy reach 74% penetration in Germany, 38% in the U.S., 55% in China and 49% in India by 2040.


  • Electric vehicles bolster electricity use:  In Europe and the U.S., EVs will account for 13% and 12% of electricity demand by 2040. Charging EVs flexibly, when renewables are generating and wholesale prices are low, will help the system adapt to intermittent solar and wind.


  • Homeowners' love of solar grows:  By 2040, rooftop PV will account for as much as 24% of electricity in Australia, 20% in Brazil, 15% in Germany, 12% in Japan, and 5% in the U.S. and India. This, combined with the growth of large-scale renewables, reduces the need for existing large-scale coal and gas plants.


  • Coal's point of no return:  Sluggish demand, cheap renewables and coal-gas fuel switching slash coal use by 87% in Europe and 45% in the U.S. by 2040, while coal generation continues to grow in China but reaches peak in 2026. A mere 18% of planned new coal power plants will ever get built. That means 369GW of projects stand to be cancelled.


  • Gas is a transition fuel, but not in the way most people think:  Gas-fired power sees $804 billion in new investment and 16% more capacity by 2040. But save for the Americas, where gas is plentiful and cheap, gas plants will mainly act as one of the flexible technologies needed to help meet peaks and provide system stability.


  • Global power sector emissions peak in 2026: CO2 emissions from power generation increase by a tenth before peaking in 2026, then falling faster than we previously estimated, lining up with China's peak coal generation. However, a further $5.3 trillion investment in 3.9TW of zero-carbon capacity would be required to keep the planet on a 2-degrees-Celsius trajectory.


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At RODACHEM we take QUALITY seriously!

We are proud to inform you that as of 2016, we have been officially certified ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management history dates back now more than 25 years, since we first achieved the first ISO certificates. In the meantime we have grown and have successfully implemented RESPONSIBLE CARE procedures for which we were audited lately and extended validity for 3 years.

A sign of our continuous commitment to delivery quality service and responsible solutions to our customers worldwide.



LITHIUM is going through vigorous turbulent times, in a market that is transitioning to mass demand for renewable energy sources and the need for mass energy storage. This highly strategic material is the key to future energy management and the best performing raw material for every day use batteries up to high energy storage devices for the military and aerospace. But LITHIUM is also used for a wide array of normal applications, from glass and ceramic, to aluminium and alloy production. 

We have witnessed a very tight first semester, with supply hardly keeping the pace of demand and price sky rocketing to unprecedented levels. now we feel the pinch of the chinese governmental clampdown on alleged fraud cases from Chinese battery manyfacturers. The spot market for Lithium in China has recently seen slight price drops, but many believe this is a temporary situation though. Demand is expected to resume soon, with fundamentals from the market supporting double digits growth thorugh to 2020 at least.

The market share of the "BIG 3" remains under pressure, giving way to Chinese producers who are now market leaders in sales and revenues. it is interesting to follow Joe Lowry's analysis of the new projects that are much needed to support the sustained increased demand.

RODACHEM is a key supplier of LITHIUM in Europe, and enjoyes a strong position of guaranteed LITHIUM supply chain partner for all applications. We hold permanent stocks in Rotterdam and continue to supply the whole range of LITHIUM SALTS and METALwith usual high service that our customers are accustomed to. Do not hesitate to contact us for LITHIUM needs and rest assured of our continuous effort to remain Europe's preferred LITHIUM SUPPLIER.

Stay tuned for more Lithium news coming up...


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Energy Outlook 2016

By 2040, zero-emission energy sources will make up 60% of installed capacity. Wind and solar will account for 64% of the 8.6TW of new power generating capacity added worldwide over the next 25 years, and for almost 60% of the $11.4 trillion invested.

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The future supply of electricity is bound to change dramatically soon, and coal and gas will begin their terminal decline in less than a decade, according to a new BNEF analysis. 

The market will be experiencing profound change at all levels, and investors and industry professionals will have to keep an eye on eight massive shifts coming soon to power markets:

1. There Will Be No Golden Age of Gas

2. Renewables Attract $7.8 Trillion 

3. Electric Cars Rescue Power Markets

4. Batteries Join the Grid

5. Solar and Wind Prices Plummet

6. Capacity Factors Go Wild 

7. A New Polluter to Worry About



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We are proud to announce the introduction of a new product: LITHIUM BROMIDE

RodaChem can now offer from relibale sources a LITHIUM BROMIDE based solution for application in the chillers and air conditioning industry. our solutions are adjutsted to meet the concentration requirements of customers and can be inhibited with various additives, for example LITHIUM MOLYBDATE and LITHIUM CHROMATE.

We stock our solutions in Rotterdam and have a system to supply on ad-hoc call off basis all destinations Europewide, to service all maintenance work requiring LITHIUM BROMIDE.

Don't hesitate to visit our product page and discover the full possibilities and contact us for further technical and commercial information.






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